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Airways Hotel is going to extraordinary lengths to protect guests and staff from COVID-19. The hotel has embraced innovative technology, including self-sanitising door handles and ultraviolet wands that are designed to kill germs. The self-cleaning anti-bacterial door handles are used in high-traffic areas of the hotel. They have a silver ion coating that works 24/7 and combats pathogens left on the surface, thereby preventing cross-contamination. Laboratory tests have reported that 99.9% of bacteria is killed by the silver technology. The handheld ultraviolent wands are waved over surfaces such as beds, curtains and remote-control TV units to destroy the virus with UV radiation.

They are being used to disinfect rooms, restaurants, reception, the health and fitness club and other public areas of the hotel. The high-tech measures are in addition to standard COVID-19 safety measures, which include the cleaning of public areas up to four times a day, wearing of masks, temperature checks on entry, social distancing, and sanitisers widely distributed around the hotel. Staff are briefed daily on preventative measures, and on arrival at work must sanitise and be temperature checked. They need to go straight to the staff changing rooms to freshen up and change into work uniforms. Guests undergoing 14-day quarantine must remain within their rooms, are not allowed to have visitors, and receive their meals in food containers in paper bags with disposable cutlery. There is contactless delivery, with meals left on a chair outside the door. Security personnel are stationed on each floor that has quarantine rooms. The hotel is also developing a contactless check-in service to further protect guests.