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By Gabriella Munoz

To keep offering the best possible service and thrive in today’s challenging environment, Airways Hotel & Residences is about to deliver on a promise to business and leisure travellers who are now on the lookout for: COVID-safe accommodation. With the majority of our staff fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and stringent hygiene protocols implemented throughout the hotel, including a UV cleaning system, temperature checks, mandatory use of face masks, and hand sanitiser provided for all guests and staff, Airways is leading the way in hospitality services. For extra peace of mind, staff who have received the jab wear a badge that says ‘I have been vaccinated’.

And that’s not all.To keep its promise of being a COVID safe space, when the staff opt to get the vaccine, Airways Hotel General Manager, Mr Sunilkumar Panda, organises transportation to and from the vaccination facility. Airways Hotel & Residences also provide free onsite COVID-19 rapid tests for in-house guests.‘This is in line with our perennial commitment to protect the well-being of our guests and staff, and supports the campaign of COVID-19 vaccination,’ says Mr Panda.Mr Panda led by example by becoming the first Airways employee to take the vaccine and has been very vocal about its benefits. His efforts have helped made Airways Hotel & Residences the talk of town.‘At this difficult time, we want to assure all our guests that it is safe to stay in the hotel and we are taking utmost care to follow all the guidelines set by the government and health authorities.  We remain attentive in our commitment to provide a safe, hospitable environment and we take serious steps to mitigate risks to both guests and staff,’ says Mr Panda.And for those who are looking for the perfect spot for a business lunch or for a leisurely dine & wine option, all Airways Hotel & Residences restaurants follow the same strict protocols and keep it as a part of our ever evolving operating procedures to safeguard our guests and staff.‘Our guests are very happy when they come to restaurants because they see the staff is wearing the badge. They feel more comfortable and say “This is really nice because the place is safe for us.’